Thoughts on the Big Game

cropped-logo.pngToday is a holiday of sorts in South Carolina. It is the annual Carolina-Clemson game. Unless something really strange happens, it appears that Clemson should win this game and run the all-time record in the series to 66-42-4 in favor of the team in orange and white.

But with that in mind, here are some things you may not know about the Palmetto State rivalry.

  1. If USC were to go on a massive winning streak, it still wouldn’t tie the series 2039 or a year Hilary Clinton is still running for the presidency.
  2. Classic Clashes is the best book written by Larry Williams that focuses on the series. It is the only book by Larry Williams that focuses on the series. Larry is a friend. We swear.
  3. The sun will come up Sunday regardless of the score.
  4. If you don’t care about the game and live in South Carolina, today is the day you should do your holiday shopping since the stores will be empty.
  5. The winner of the game apparently has never predicted the outcome of presidential races, the Super Bowl, The Kentucky Derby, Miss America or how Wall Street will do in the next fiscal quarter.

The five things you read on Thanksgiving

Today we celebrate Thanksgiving, which is a day that will lead to five types of columns and blogs you will read. At Complete PR, we decided to give you them all at once and some ideas on where to find more like the. This is our Thanksgiving gift to you, our readers, because basically, we didn’t have time to bake a pie.

  1. How, we as Americans, really aren’t doing Thanksgiving right because of political division, but maybe somehow we will figure it out if we just blah, blah, blah. You likely will read this on something like Salon or HuffPost.
  2. A blog how this day is all about football/the football today stinks because it always features the Lions and the Cowboys. You will find this in your local newspaper.
  3. Seriously, there will be a lot of blogs about shopping…the good, the bad and the ugly of it all. You can go to Buzzfeed to find this blog.
  4. How people can now get in the Christmas spirit/not feeling the Christmas spirit because Thanksgiving is past. You will find this by scrolling through Facebook.
  5. There will be blogs about perfect meals/thanksgiving disasters. You can find those everywhere. Probably the first thing on your newsfeed.

One more thing, 35 percent of all blogs will end with the phrase gobble-gobble

Upstate group formed to educate citizens on community- based healthcare


GREENVILLE, S.C. – Citing concerns over the community’s need to understand the ever-changing South Carolina healthcare landscape, former State Rep. Dan Tripp is organizing the coalition Citizens for Community Healthcare Advances.

This grassroots non-profit organization was formed to communicate the challenges everyday citizens face as the government gets more involved in healthcare, and to promote new and innovative ways to deliver health services within a community.

“The purpose of Citizens for Community Healthcare Advances is to build a community-based coalition that promotes new and better ways to deliver efficient, affordable and improved healthcare,” Tripp said. “We want people to have a voice in their healthcare future.”

 With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, community-centered healthcare is experiencing dramatic changes, Tripp said.

“Those changes are not always best for patients or for the community. And the current methods for delivering healthcare in our community are falling behind as hospitals shift their focus from in-patient treatment to community health outcomes, he said.”

The group will begin holding organizational meetings to educate upstate citizens on local healthcare changes and allow them an opportunity to express their concerns.  People interested in learning more about Citizens for Community Healthcare Advances can visit

About Citizens for Community Healthcare Advances:

The organization was formed to educate citizens on new and better ways to deliver efficient, affordable and improved healthcare in Greenville. Learn more at

About Dan Tripp:

Dan Tripp is the founder of Ground Game Strategies, Inc.   He served in the South Carolina State House from 1994 to 2006. Tripp is the executive director of Citizens for Community Healthcare Advances. Learn more at


Tweeting in a Tragedy

It’s safe to say that a majority of businesses are on social media nowadays. Many of these businesses have developed their own strategy that works for their brand; they know when to post, the types of content their viewers like to see and ultimately what brings in the most business. That’s all you need, right?


I took a particular notice to this last Friday during the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Paris. I had been in the car for quite some time and was relying on my Twitter feed to provide me with updates. As media accounts continued to post new information, I also saw a few unrelated posts that seemed totally out of touch with what was going on – many of those being businesses featuring a product or service. One of the world’s most popular cities had just been violently attacked, and businesses were just promoting themselves like nothing had happened. Not exactly the message they intended to send.

These tweets were most likely scheduled days or weeks before with some type of social media management software. The problem is, a majority of consumers don’t know these programs exist. A harmless, conveniently scheduled post could suddenly translate into an insensitive business advertising at a really bad time.

Here’s a few pointers for tweeting in a tragedy.

  1. If you do have content scheduled during non-working hours, delegate an individual to keep an ear out for huge stories (like world tragedy or natural disaster) just in case.
  2. Don’t share or post about unconfirmed content. It’s better to wait a few hours until facts are confirmed.
  3. Formulate a general response for unfortunate situations. Something like “Our thoughts go out to ___________ during these tough times” can be a quick go-to on social media to help a business stay in the loop.
  4. Show your expertise when possible. Check out this great example from our friends at Renewable Water Resources during the 2015 SC flood.
    ReWa TweetCapture


What makes a good PR firm?

Complete PR Street Sign

We sometimes get asked what is public relations and how does it affect my business? Public relations, in a nutshell , is the art of dealing with the community. The community ranges from the media to donors to volunteers to board members to staff to opposition to the actual people living in an area. Every business and non-profit needs public relations, but not all public relations strategies are the same.

Just like not all public relations firms are the same. Some are good. Some are bad. Some are just plain terrible.  Some are great. We like to think we are great. Our clients often tell us that.We have four awards in international competitions in the past two weeks that reinforce that.

So, what makes a great public relations firm?

–          Following through. If you have a firm that tells you one thing, and doesn’t do it, you need a new firm.

–          Providing solutions. A good public relations firm will be proactive and seek out ways to build your name.

–          Meeting needs. You want a firm that will meet your need and not just their own.

Those are just three things. We would love to tell you more so give us a call at 864-289-9772.

Philanthropist and Volunteer of the Year named at National Philanthropy Day celebration

GREENVILLE, S.C. – The Piedmont Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals named the Upstate’s 2015 Philanthropist and Volunteer of the Year at today’s National Philanthropy Day celebration.

Elaine T. Freeman has been named the 2015 Philanthropist of the Year. She is the founder of the ETV Endowment of South Carolina, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, which supports the programming  of South Carolina ETV and South Carolina Public Radio. She remained its Founding Executive Director for 31 years.  With the support of the Endowment and Freeman’s leadership, South Carolina ETV became a respected leader on the national public broadcasting scene.  Freeman also served as Executive Producer of SC Public Radio’s national series, Marian McPartland’s Piano Jazz – NPR’s longest running cultural series, and as Co-Executive Producer of ETV’s television series, South Carolinians in WWII and Man and Moment, the latter of which has been shown on PBS stations nationwide.

Her other voluntary endeavors have included trusteeship of Brookgreen Gardens, Presbyterian College, the Spartanburg County Foundation, the Spartanburg Day School and founding directorship and capital campaign chair for Spartanburg County’s Charles Lea Center.  She has also served as chair of the Humanities Council, as director of the Federation of State Humanities Councils and director and treasurer of the Association of Junior Leagues.  She was a trainer in board volunteerism for the National Center for Voluntary Action.

Jean Shew has been named the 2015 Volunteer of the Year. Shew is the founder of the Girl Scouts of South Carolina Mountains to Midlands’ annual Powerful Women Summit, now in its eighth year, which has served over 1,000 girls across the 22-county council. She has advised countless Girl Scouts through their process of earning the Gold Award, the highest leadership award for Girl Scouts in grades 10-12. She has served on many strategic Board committees and was elected as a national Girl Scout delegate.

She is also an active volunteer at Greenville Technical Charter High School, where she led the Entech 281 Robotics Team to two national championship events. She works with the Students in Action group, which is currently working to have students across the state certified in CPR and First Aid.


About the Association of Fundraising Professionals Piedmont Chapter: We are committed to supporting development professionals throughout the Upstate region of South Carolina. Our chapter has over 100 active members, who serve as development directors, fundraising consultants, grant writers, volunteer fundraisers, foundation executives, and other individuals dedicated to fundraising and philanthropy.




Clients in the News


This was an amazing week in terms of generating media for clients with a lot of big wins for the Complete PR team.

Our biggest was the announcement that WYNIT Distribution was moving its headquarters and 111 jobs to downtown Greenville. This was front page news in the local media, and also social media where #welcomeWYNIT became a Greenville twitter feed regular.

Syracuse Post Standard

Upstate Business Journal

Greenville News


Fox Carolina


CNY Central

Washington Times


Area Development Online

Orangeburg Times & Democrat

Fresno Bee

Houston Chronicle


That would be a great week for almost any public relations firm, but at Complete Public Relations, we always go the extra mile. We also got a cover story on Habitat for Humanity in the Greenville Journal this week as well.

Our very own boss, John, was mentioned in a piece on PRNewsWire about boilerplates. In addition, Complete Public Relations winning two IABC Awards got noticed in the Greenville News. Also, the hiring of Brenda Connell made UpstateBiz.

BASF was in Fete Magazine as was Engenius.

Engenius also was in UpstateBiz and UpstateWire.


To summarize, if you are a business owner and want to see these kinds of results, give us a call at 864-289-9772.