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At Complete PR, we ended January and welcomed the month of February with an ample array of events and exciting news. Let me tell you more!

Greenville Health Systems’ executives, Mike Riordan and Sam Konduros, were named two of Greenville Business Magazine’s 50 Most Influential People. Learn more about what this honor entails on UpstateBiz.

Habitat for Humanity of Greenville County honored volunteers who went above and beyond in 2015 at their annual volunteer’s breakfast. Read more about the honorees in Greenville Business Magazine, UpstateBiz and GSA Bizwire.

Engenius helped grant recipient, Upstate International, by building them a new website, assisting in their rebranding efforts. What is Upstate International? Upstate Business Journal featured a story about the organization and the changes they were able to make, thanks to Engenius.

The Woodlands at Furman hosted their first annual Masterpiece Living Awards. Five awards were given to different individuals recognizing the four pillars of successful aging. Read more about the recipients in the TR Tribune and Greenville News.

The Old Cigar Warehouse will be hosting a Bridal Open House on Feb. 11 with vendors and a mock ceremony. Find out the details of the event in this UpstateBiz article.

David Wyatt, a partner with the Gleaton Wyatt law firm, has joined the American Football Coaches Association. This article in Greenville Business Magazine will tell you more about David and the organization!

Lastly, a very exciting SC DOT ground breaking took place on Friday for the 85/385 Gateway Project. You can find out the details of this project and how it will affect you at Fox Carolina, Greenville News and WYFF.

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Greenville’s Gateway is Changing

By Woodrow W. “Woody” Willard, Jr.

The interstate gateway into Greenville will undergo a dramatic change both functionally and aesthetically over the next few years.

The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) is embarking on an historic undertaking at the intersection of Interstates 85 and 385. This vital interchange is being transformed to lessen congestion and improve safety through the construction of new access ramps, new bridges and interstate widening.

We hope this revamped interchange will become an iconic feature for the Upstate.

A joint venture of Flatiron Constructors and Zachry Construction, which both have completed numerous South Carolina road projects, was awarded the design and construction of this project in August 2014 and major construction is expected to begin in February. SCDOT is excited to be partnering with this joint venture team and looks forward to a very successful project. Construction is scheduled to be finished by the middle of 2019 and during this time, SCDOT will be celebrating its 100th anniversary and the I-85/385 Interchange Improvement Project, better known locally as the Gateway Project, will play a key role in this centennial celebration.

Along with improvements to the interchange, SCDOT will be upgrading portions of Woodruff Road, Garlington Road, Miller Road and will be improving access ramps to ease traffic flow on and off the interstate at several points including Roper Mountain Road, Woodruff Road, and Butler Road. The project also includes an extension of the fourth auxiliary lane on I-85 northbound and southbound between I-385 and Pelham Road and widening of I-385 to six lanes from north of Butler Road to Roper Mountain Road.

When these renovations are complete, the public will enjoy a vast improvement in its driving experience through this vital corridor by way of enhancements to highway safety and interstate commuting. However, until we get to that point, and as with any major construction project, there will be traffic delays and disruptions so I would like to thank the public in advance for their patience and understating while this work is being completed.

These improvements will enhance commerce and serve as a catalyst for economic growth. This $231 million dollar project will also create jobs for the state and strengthen businesses in the community through equipment rentals, the purchase of construction materials and the employment of local sub-contractors, DBE firms and consultant firms.

The Gateway project is funded using money provided by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), ACT 98, and the Greenville-Pickens Area Transportation Study. Act 98 was signed into law by Governor Nikki Haley on June 24, 2013. The legislation provides an annual appropriation of $50 million to SCDOT for interstate improvements. This appropriation will in turn, transfer an equivalent amount to the South Carolina Transportation Infrastructure Bank (SCTIB) to finance an estimated $550 million in improvements to existing mainline interstates when Federal matching funds are included. Up to $80 million of SCTIB funding has been designated to bring this project to the Upstate.

As the Commissioner of the Fourth Congressional District, I would like to express how excited I am to represent this second largest construction project in the nearly 100-year history of SCDOT. This project means much more to the State of South Carolina than just an interchange improvement project. The 85/385 Gateway will be a signature piece of infrastructure and will have a positive impact on the Upstate community and provide a great benefit for the traveling public.

We invite the Greenville community to join SCDOT in our excitement about this project and all that it brings to the State of South Carolina. We invite everyone to keep in touch with our team to follow the progress of this significant project through our outreach programs.


Woodrow “Woody” W. Willard, Jr. is the South Carolina Department of Transportation’s Commissioner for Greenville and Spartanburg counties. Learn more at or follow the project on Facebook at


Pass the Elephant

A few weeks ago, a Google Alert appeared in my inbox with “Habitat for Humanity” attached to it. I opened it and saw that it was attached to a few stories about S.C. flood relief. At first I thought it was a mistake, but then I saw the connection – a bill that Habitat for Humanity helped pass during the first half of the legislative session, which gives tax breaks to nonprofits buying homebuilding supplies (that’s the Cliffnotes version), can be used to help nonprofits who are helping to repair homes damaged in the major flooding this fall.

Very unexpected, but very cool. And that got us thinking. When we set out to work with Habitat on the bill last year, our goal was to help Habitat for Humanity in South Carolina better fulfill their mission by giving them more funds to build more houses. We approached the problem without much controversy, in a way that was a win-win for both the state and the organization. Habitat affiliates in South Carolina received thousands of dollars back on their construction material purchases, allowing them to build even more homes. But that thousands of dollars gained back for Habitat was only a drop in the bucket lost for the state. It wasn’t complicated or political. It was a small step that had a great impact.

So it’s great to see that our simple solution can also be used to help those dealing with a much bigger problem. Is our simple bill the cure-all solution that flood relief agencies are looking for? We’re sure it’s not. We’re sure they’d love it if the state would foot the bill for all flood repairs, allowing these agencies to help everyone that needs it without question. But that’s not logical or practical, and there’s something to be said for the simple solution. It might only help a little bit at a time, and not in one fell swoop like we’d like. But hey, it helps.

So as we begin the second half of the two-year legislative session, let’s keep the simple, smaller solutions in mind. Our legislators are constantly under pressure to find big-ticket solutions to big-ticket problems. And we’re not saying that those big-ticket problems don’t need a solution, because they do, and fast. But sometimes the best way to approach a problem is to take it in small, manageable chunks. It might mean that we’ll still have some of these problems 20 years down the road, but we’re willing to bet that the problems will have improved. After all, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.




Clients in the News

The snow made its way to South Carolina! What does that mean? Everything is shut down and you finally have time to catch up on the week of news. Let me fill you in on a few things that went on locally.

It was a great week for building collaborations at Habitat for Humanity. On Wednesday, they kicked off their building season with a donation from BMW, in honor of their 100 year anniversary. Greer Today, Upstate Biz and Greenville Business Magazine covered all the details.

Just the next day, Habitat for Humanity raised walls for their first home of 2016. Michelin and Greenville Technical College sponsorships and a grant from Greer State Bank made the build possible. Read more on GSA BizWire or Greenville Business Magazine. You can also watch the live video on WSPA.

Our fearless leader, John, joined the TCMU board. Can’t figure out what TCMU stands for? Click here to learn!

Wagner Wealth Management added to their team of bright professionals, with the hire of Brian Todd. Learn more about Brian and Wagner Wealth Management from these articles in Greenville Business Magazine and Upstate Biz.

Last but certainly not least, Engenius’ Marketing Director, Rachel Testa, wrote a piece on marketing to millennials. You can find it in the UBJ – it’s worth the read!

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Communications students and the weather

complete public relations snow blog

This is the question used to sort communications students into degree programs:

Which job do you want to do on a snow day when most of your professional peers are sleeping?

  1. Spend the day outside doing live shots and warning people to stay off the roads. Find video of kids sledding. Measure snow. (Choose television)
  2. Drive your car into the office on barely passable roads. Complain about the people who didn’t make it in. Write a 12-inch story on the next City Council meeting. Go home. (Choose print)
  3. Breathlessly announce school closings. Report every accident as it comes in. Slowly realize that 99 percent of your normal audience is not there because they are not driving. (Choose radio)
  4. Cancel press conference for client. Write a blog post about it from in bed. Troll media on social media. Maybe create infographic on how the media handles snow days. (Choose public relations)
  5. Wake up around 11 a.m. Pour yourself a bourbon and Coke. Notice it is snowing. Shrug. Finish drink. Go back to bed. (Choose advertising)

Clients in the News

Complete Public Relations, a greenville public relations firm serving the Upstate doing pr in Greer, Easley, Spartanburg and Anderson

In the event that you were busy this week with the National Championship, the State of the Union Address and the Republican Primary Debate, let me fill you in on some of the exciting things that went on locally this week.

SCDOT announced that major work on the 85/385 gateway will begin in late January. To learn how this will affect you, read Fox Carolina, WYFF, WIS, WMBF, The Upstate Business Journal or watch 5 News.

Liquid Catering and Old Cigar Warehouse each received a WeddingWire Couple’s Choice Award for their events in 2015. Check out this article in Greenville Business Magazine and Upstate Biz for the details.

A story was featured in Greenville Business Magazine about the 120 homes Rebuild Upstate repaired and improved in 2015.

The Woodlands at Furman Festival of Trees event raised more than $3k for a local nonprofit. Which one? Read this article in the TR Tribune to learn!

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